David KEMP 


Créateur de Bijoux


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"Solve the puzzle, win a lion!"
In 2011 I was asked by the Mayor of Padies if I could do a sculpture for the commune next to a newly landscaped dustbin site.
The only brief that I was given, however, was that the Mayor wanted me to use the old stone that had been kept after renovations had been made to the current Mairie (the old school house) in the centre of our commune.
As the idea gelled in my mind it occurred to me that as I would be using recycled stone for the major part of the sculpture and as it would be next to the dustbins and recycling station I would make one of the themes that of Eco-creativity and try to use otherwise rejected, old, unused or thrown out materials.
I also needed a theme and after a little research found that there was a lion symbol on the coat of arms of Padies.
I submitted several drawings, one was duly chosen and work began.
As I am equally a monumental stone carver and jeweller (I know, one extreme to the other), I thought about Kit William's book in the 1970's, Masquerade, where he combined a children's book, and his wonderful illustrations with an enigma leading to the search for a bejewelled Hare. 
With this in mind my simple commission evolved into an environmental sculpture with an enigma attached.
When finished, the sculpture will be 3 meters by 2.2 meters by 2.5 meters. It is in public view alongside the road leading into Padies just by the Church St Germaine.
I have used all the stone from the Marie which I cut with the kind use of the machines at Andy Scott's Atelier pierre quarry in Virac. I was also given a tone of granite off cuts kindly donated by Di Granite Sarl in Burlats, recycled aggregate from the original site, old bottles and metal from the dechettery in Valence.
Most of the work was carried out in public and sparked a lot of interest amongst the local community.
If this project inspires you to contact me regarding future commissions I would be happy to discuss your requirements. 
1 original site2 other view of the site3 clearing the site4 moving the concrete base5 leveling the ground6 repositioning the base7 stone stored for many years outside of the marie8 another view (storage)9 stone stored at the workshop10 working out which stone to use11 another view (storage)12 carrying the stone to the cutting saw in virac13 unloading14 the cutting site in Virac15 drying the stone16 the key stone's fitting17 cutting the bases for the columns18 chiseling off19 one down one to go20 preparation for carving the symbol21 carving22 carving23 carving24 sanding25 carving a symbol26 carving27 carving28 detail29 carving30 male symbol32 female symbol33 final positioning34 drilling the stone35 drilling the stone36 drilling trough the night37 original wax of the lion38 silicon rubber mould & fiberglass jacket39 drilling the cement base to fix the stones41 detail (drilling the cement base to fix the stones)42 drilling the cement base to fix the stones43 two walls erected44. BACK WALL READY FOR INSTALLATION45. DETAIL TO SHOW FIXATIONS49. DETAIL OF CUTTING DRAINAGE PIPE47. ALL WALLS FINISHED48 cutting the drainage pipes49 detail of cutting the drainage pipes50. CEMENTING THE BUSE IN PLACE51 DETAIL OF BUSE52. FILLING UP WITH RUBBLE53 . A SHEET OF GLASS STOPS THE RUBBLE FROM POURING OUT OF THE HOLE55. FILLING UP WITH GRAVEL56. .69 .
The first prize for the person who correctly guesses the one word answer to my puzzle is a bass relief replica of the Lion rampant which is 90cms high by 40cms across. It is one of a limited edition of 12 and would cost 450 euros if bought.  There are nine other prizes including jewelry and original sketches of the work, all related to the project.
There will be 8 clues posted on my website www.dkemp-art.com over a two week period starting immediately after the unveiling of the sculpture. If you would like to be there to discover some of the clues feel free to do so.
For those of you living in or around Albi you can come and see the lion and discuss the project with me personally as I will be exhibiting with Artistes en Liberté most Wednesdays and Saturdays, weather permitting throughout the year.